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Dental Health Resources

See our dental blog to get advice, resources, and tips from our Ajax dentists that can help you with your dental health.

Types of Dental Fillings

If you have a cavity that needs dental filling, there are different types of materials to do the job. Common fillings materials include amalgam, gold, porcelain and composite. Here, our Ajax dentists explain the differences among them.

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Bleeding Gums When Brushing: Should I Be Worried?

If your gums are bleeding, it could be a sign of an oral health issue that may be serious. Today, our Ajax dentists share tips that can help you prevent and treat bleeding gums and when you should call your dentist. 

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What is the difference between dental implants and dental bridges?

Two examples of fixed tooth replacements are dental implants and dental bridges, and they can both be used to replace one or more teeth. Today, our Ajax dentists share the differences between both of these options to help you determine which one is most appropriate for you. 

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Flossing: is it really necessary?

We recommend brushing your teeth two times a day and flossing once daily. However, for a variety of reasons, patients often skip flossing. In this blog, our Ajax dentists explain why it's important to floss your teeth every day.

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Dental Crown Procedures: What To Expect

Today, our Ajax dentists explain what dental crowns are and what you can expect from the procedure.

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What are the components of a good brushing and flossing routine?

Good oral hygiene is critical, and this includes regular brushing and flossing. Here, our Ajax dentists share key oral hygiene steps that can help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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Recovering from a Dental Crown Procedure

In this blog, our Ajax dentists discuss what you can expect while you recover from your dental crown procedure.

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The Importance of a Professional Dental Cleaning

Lots of patients only see their dentist when they are experiencing discomfort or pain in their mouths. Here, our dental team in Ajax share the reasons why it's important to visit your dentist for regular cleanings, even when you aren't experiencing any oral health issues.

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Can Children Get Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a very common oral health condition among adults in Canada. However, lots of people don't know that children can also develop this disease. Today, our Ajax dentists share the causes of gum disease and ways you can help prevent it. 

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The Dental Bridge Procedure

Our Ajax dentists offer dental bridges as a natural looking and effective way to replace missing teeth. Here's how the dental bridge procedure works.

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